The times, they are a-changin'.

Several key leadership positions in the city will be changing hands in the coming months, and while many of the faces might be familiar, you can bet they will all be working to make their marks on the city.

One of the biggest changes will be the hiring of a new city administrator. The city has hired a firm to conduct a nationwide search for applicants. Interviews could begin shortly after the Nov. 3 election, which will put at least three new members on the City Council. Among those three will be the new City Council president.

The January departure of Lisa Clarke, executive director of the DMC Economic Development Agency, paves the way for Patrick Seeb to assume the role. Seeb, the DMC EDA's director of economic development and place-making, played a key role in transforming St. Paul's urban center in the 1990s, and we expect he will have a big hand in Rochester's development, too.

And, the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce is adding seven new members to its 25-member board of directors. They, along with incoming Board Chairwoman Lizzy Haywood, will take office this month.

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All of these new leaders take the reins during a time of great challenges: Social and racial equity issues need to be addressed. The COVID-19 pandemic must be contained. Jobs need to be created.

We have no doubt Rochester's leaders, both new and old, will face their tasks bravely. We are depending on them, and they, we are sure, are depending on us.

An extra thumb

(Editor's note: Since this topic is still roiling the sports world, we thought we'd include a bonus item in today's Our View.)

The Minnesota Vikings have done nothing but lose on the field this season, and now they're taking some pandemic lumps off the field as well. The Tennessee Titans rolled into U.S. Bank Stadium last Sunday and dropped another "L" on the winless Vikings. The Titans then had some team personnel test positive to COVID-19 this week. Ouch.

Due to the Titans' positive test results, the Vikings have had to undergo extensive testing, and players, coaches and staff had to stay away from the team facility for 48 hours. That must have felt like an entire Amity Island summer to coach Mike Zimmer.

If the Vikings have positive COVID tests, they might not be able to play this week or might have to have some players sit out. With an 0-3 record, a lot of Vikings fans would just as soon see the purple tank in hopes of getting a high draft choice, and possibly a franchise quarterback. But the Vikings deserve a chance to lose fair and square – on the field. Thumbs down.