There are more opportunities this campaign season for prospective voters to hear from the candidates, and technology is driving most of it.

In those prehistoric days before Zoom and other online conferencing platforms, you had to go downtown, usually to the public library, find a place to park and sit shoulder-to-shoulder amid others trying to learn about the candidates. If you weren't available at the designated hour, there was no opportunity for a replay or to ask the burning question you'd been cogitating on all afternoon.

Today, because of COVID-19, most debates are conducted via videoconferencing. The League of Women Voters and media outlets still host debates, but there are also candidate forums led by local civic and special interest groups. If you're not available for the live debate, you can catch the replay online, and even comment on the proceedings.

Thumbs up to more voices in local elections. Check out the Post Bulletin's extensive election coverage, including candidate profiles, videos and more in our government and politics section.

Speaking of being heard

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More than 30 people took part in a recent conversation concerning the use of police officers in Rochester Public Schools. The three-hour, joint meeting of the Rochester School Board and Rochester Police Department included school board members, the district superintendent, school principals, school resource officers and the police chief.

Representatives of the police and school administration were generally in favor of the school resource program, but some school board members questioned the program's effectiveness.

In light of the civil unrest that continues to boil up in many cities, the fact that the program is being discussed is worth a thumbs up on its own.

Rose is a rose

And, finally, we couldn't pass up the story of a Rochester gardener who has a tea rose in her garden that has grown more than seven feet tall.

"It's closer to eight feet," she said. Tea roses generally top out at around four feet. She's hoping that her story will be seen by someone who can explain the anomaly.

We don't claim to have any botanical cred, but we will do this: A green thumbs up