Are you feeling down? Have the pandemic, race riots and political sniping left you drained? A group of community members has come up with a way to rescue you from despair.

Spirit Days is a 10-day event designed to lift spirits and promote unity in the city through a series of service projects.

The Spirit Days group plans to kick off the 10-day stretch on Oct. 16 with a pep rally, bringing together community leaders to discuss unity in the city and spark action for the following days.

“A lot of us, many people, our spirits have been wounded over the last year or two, between all the racial conflicts, between political conflicts and certainly COVID has taken its toll,” said Wendell Amstutz, founder of National Community Resource Center and one of the Spirit Days organizers.

“We need something at this time to uplift the spirit of our community,” said Wendy Scheckel, another member of the team behind the event.

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The concept was born out of a request by Rochester Mayor Kim Norton, who asked the local Evangelical Pastor-Leaders Fellowship for a way to bring people together.

To participate, fill out a Spirit Days participation form, available by emailing The form provides avenues to receive updates for events and volunteer opportunities, as well as ways for groups to sign up their own events or identify community needs.

“It’s time to come together,” said Paul Larsen, a member of the Spirit Days team. “It’s time to recover. It’s time to lift up the spirit in our city.”

The group has divided planned efforts into three pillars to address: hunger and homelessness; community service; and fellowship, community and companionship. Community members, organizations and businesses were then asked to consider ways they can contribute.

“Everybody we’ve talked to has had a good suggestion,” Amstutz said.

Organizers said they don’t expect the effort to stop at the end of the 10 days.

“We really need to look beyond this,” Scheckel said, adding she hopes participating groups will look at ways to continue the efforts.

Lifting your spirits by helping others? You can hardly go wrong with that.