In addition to racial unrest, political upheaval and a global pandemic, 2020 will be remembered as a year of words. Some of those words might be added to our national lexicon, but many were born from the need to inject humor into a dire situation. Here are some of the year's more descriptive words and phrases, gleaned from the internet.

Blursday: The repetitive nature of life in lockdown makes days blur together.

Body mullet: What many wear on Zoom calls. Business attire from the waist up. Sweatpants from the belt down.

Body Zoom-morphia: Finding your image on a group video call so unappealing you can't look at anything else.

Contact tracing: A method for tracking exposure to the coronavirus in an effort to identify points of spread.

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COVID-15: The amount of weight gained by the average adult during lockdown.

Doomscrolling: Reading or watching news reports that you know are depressing, but you are unable to stop.

Free breather: A maskless person in a place where masks are mandated. "I don't go to that market anymore. There are too many free breathers there."

Hydroxychloroquine: A malaria drug that President Trump said he was taking as a preventive measure. A later analysis found the drug had no effect on COVID-19.

Maskhole: Someone who wears a mask incorrectly so as to make it useless.

Maskne: Acne as the result of wearing a mask too long.

Pod: Limiting in-person socializing to a small group of friends and family.

PPE: Personal protection equipment. Used by health care workers to prevent infection.

Quorumtine: The number of family members needed to assert control of the television.

Quarantini: Gin and vermouth, or any other desired alcoholic beverage. Can be served at a virtual happy hour.

Social distancing: Thes pace between people that experts say can help prevent infection. The most common distance is 6 feet.

Superspreader: When a small number, or even just one, infected person passes the virus to many. The most well-known example is the church choir member who spread the virus to 52 others during a rehearsal.

Watch party: Simultaneously watching a movie or sporting event and commenting with others via videoconferencing.

Zoom: Software designed to let businesses communicate, it became the de facto way for co-workers and families to stay in touch while working from home.