President-elect Joe Biden called it an assault on the citadel of liberty.

Former President George W. Bush called it an insurrection.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who just hours earlier had been hurried out of the House chamber as rioters banged on the doors, called it sedition.

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No matter what label you give Wednesday's violent takeover of the nation's Capitol by Trump supporters, there is one thing it was not: American.

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President Donald Trump stands accused of riling up his rabid base during a rally outside the White House. Rambling on for a little over an hour, he told the crowd to march to the Capitol building, where a joint meeting of Congress was validating the Electoral College votes making Biden the next president of the United States. In his speech, Trump reiterated his specious claims that the election had been stolen from him.

The Trump supporters, some wearing MAGA hats, some wrapped in flags and others clad in body armor, gathered on the Capitol steps. A group then stormed the building, breaching barricades, smashing windows and brawling with police, forcing the emergency evacuation of both houses of Congress.

Many blame Trump for Wednesday's siege, saying he incited his supporters during his rally. And, with only two weeks left in his term, some are calling for his ouster now.

Sen. Tina Smith, D-Minn., is calling on Trump's Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment allows for the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet to declare the president unfit for office. The vice president then becomes acting president.

"(Trump) is dangerous to our democracy and to public safety," Smith told Forum News Service reporter Sarah Mearhoff. "Who knows what else he might do in the short time that he has left."

Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Minnesota's other Democratic U.S. House members, Angie Craig, Dean Phillips and Betty McCollum, have also said they support invoking the 25th.

The Minnesota DFL Party is also calling on Congress to expel GOP Reps. Jim Hagedorn and Michelle Fischbach, saying the two violated their oaths to the Constitution by seeking to overturn the results of the presidential election and playing an enabling role in the takeover of the Capitol.

The entire sequence of events has been difficult to believe. Not since 1814, during the War of 1812, has a group breached the U.S. Capitol.

Lawmakers swear an oath before taking office. In it, they promise to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Who would have thought our enemies would be wrapped in American flags and chanting "USA! USA!"