Our nation is on edge.

If the miscreants who stormed the Capitol Building last week can claim victory in anything, it's that they've created a fearful America.

The FBI believes that right-wing extremists are planning protests at the capitols of every state in the lead-up to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. One violent group even made a recon visit to the Minnesota Capitol in December to identify escape routes and sniper positions in the event of violence. Protests are expected in St. Paul on Saturday and Sunday.

On Wednesday, Gov. Tim Walz called out the state's National Guard to help protect the Capitol Building and citizens for several days. Walz told the Star Tribune the coordinated plan involves the National Guard, Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, State Patrol, Department of Natural Resources and others.

The threat has become personal for Walz and other officials, many of whom have received death threats. Attorney General Keith Ellison said the threats have been enough to force him to change his lifestyle.

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Walz said that for the first time in state history, the governor's mansion was evacuated due to threats. He described the State Patrol coming into the home and "removing my 14-year-old son to a safe location as he’s crying, looking for his dog, wondering what’s going on."

Walz said that the threats have had a chilling effect on lawmakers and staff, who might feel safe at the Capitol but are fearful coming to work or returning home.

"How did we get here, and how is this OK? Walz asked. "This is a horrific assault on democracy."

Similar fears have been shared by government officials throughout the country. Tensions were high in the wake of last week's violence, and Wednesday's impeachment of President Trump might stoke the furor.

The villains responsible for the violence feed on fear and intimidation, and we must not let the mob prevail. On Wednesday, Biden will be inaugurated, the result of a free and fair election.

Democracy will have the last say.