The COVID-10 vaccines are like pie on Thanksgiving. There are no leftovers.

Once a vial is opened, providers have about six hours to administer the vaccine. Doses that aren't in an arm before the vaccine expires must be reported to the Minnesota Department of Health.

As of March 18, only 320 doses statewide had been discarded. That’s out of about 2 million doses administered.

Mayo Clinic has administered about 100,000 doses as of March 18 and has not discarded a single dose, said Melanie Swift, co-chair of Mayo Clinic’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution workgroup.

Tom Graham, of Olmsted Medical Center, said the center fills its vaccination slots to match the number of doses it receives and hasn’t wasted a dose either. The clinics and other providers also keep lists of people on stand by, just in case there are no-shows.

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Thumbs up to our health care providers for their efforts in preventing waste of the precious, life-saving vaccines.

Tournament time

Thumbs up to the Minnesota State High School League for creating state tournament experiences for thousands of student athletes.

The state hockey tournament was far from ideal. MSHSL-ordered quarantines hamstrung a number of tournament favorites. Seniors on the Hill-Murray team even filed for a temporary restraining order against the MSHSL, which had ruled Hill-Murray players ineligible because of close contact with an infected opposing player.

Still, the games did go on, and in these extraordinary times, that's worth celebrating. A special thumbs up to the members of the Dodge County boys hockey team, who played in the program's first state tournament, losing to top-ranked Gentry Academy in the state title game.

Say cheese

Weddings are stressful and expensive, and wedding photos are near the top of the expense list.

Couples sometimes agonize for months in an effort to pick just the right photographer. Many thought they'd found the right fit with Lexi Stangler, owner of Rochester-based Ember Lane Collective. Then things went sour.

Couples told Post Bulletin reporter Matthew Stolle how they felt "ghosted" by Stangler after they'd signed contracts and paid her: How phone calls, Facebook messages and text messages sent by them were often met with silence. An estimated 50 brides formed a private Facebook group to share their frustrations about Stangler. Thumbs down.