Despite calls to cancel his show, the Olmsted County Fair Board decided Thursday to go ahead with a performance by Twin Cities hip-hop artist Prof.

The board issued a statement on its Facebook page that essentially said if you don't like Prof's music, don't go to the show.

The July 23 performance is not part of the Olmsted County Fair, but is being staged at the fairgrounds.

Calls on social media to cancel the show cited the rapper's misogynistic tweets and lyrics, some of which glorify sex with young girls and raping women. The board answered that criticism by responding that Prof has done nothing illegal.

"Although the fair board may not agree with the social media posts, music, and lyrics, Prof has never been charged with a crime and has done nothing illegal," read the Fair Board's statement. "Individuals can choose to purchase a ticket or not. We, as a fair board, support inclusive entertainment and events for our diverse community."

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Similar statements could be found on social media.

"Spoiling the joy of others over one's own objections is absolute stupidity," Ian Srp posted on the Post Bulletin's Facebook page.

"I'd say that banning his performance would start a slippery slope, but the slope is already slipped and this is becoming nothing but an 'I don't like it, so no one else can' mob mentality."

"It's OK to be offended. Just leave it at that. 'I'm offended.' "

But while Prof might not have done anything illegal, it is the obligation of the Fair Board to determine whether events at the fairgrounds are appropriate for the community. There are many things that are legal that are also offensive. And there are many things that are offensive that are also art.