June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Month, and while the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse deals with physical and mental abuse and neglect around the globe, financial fraud accounts for a growing part of that abuse.

Reports of people, often elderly, being scammed out of thousands of dollars litter crime reports and social media. But two recent cases tell of how people are fighting back. In both cases, the victims were asked by scammers to buy large dollar amounts of gift cards from convenience stores. The store clerks in both instances refused to sell the victims the cards.

It is just one way consumers and businesses can fight back, The Minnesota Department of Commerce offers an entire training program for seniors and their families who fear they may fall victim to a scam. You can find it here: https://mn.gov/commerce/consumers/your-money/senior-safe

Thumbs down to scams targeting the elderly.

Mini art gallery

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Inspired by the mini libraries she would see while walking her dog, local artist Mary Beth Magyar extended the idea to art, creating an aluminum gallery, 18 inches on all three sides, meant to make art more accessible.

A $6,000 Minnesota State Arts Board grant helped make the project a reality, and the gallery with an enclosed display area was erected on the west side of Soldiers Field Park along Sixth Avenue Southwest.

Magyar said the small gallery also will include a unique QR code to access artist information through a cellphone.

Thumbs up to making local art more accessible.