There is something uniquely pleasing about seeing a local kid rise to the top of his profession in his hometown. Whether it’s Joe Mauer playing for his hometown Twins, or any of the Rochester-native doctors and administrators who’ve achieved prominence at Mayo Clinic, there’s something right-feeling, inevitable yet miraculous, about these occasions.

In that vein, there was something heart-warming and neat about seeing Joey Page, Austin’s new school superintendent, on one of our front pages last week in his Austin High School letter jacket.

Page (class of ‘92) is potentially signing the checks for some of the teachers who signed his report cards decades ago. He’s running across old friends he hasn’t seen in years.

“It's an incredible honor,” he said, “but it's also just very sweet with emotion and memories.”

Heck, the letter jacket even still fits. So does the title. Be super in your new job, Mr. Page. Thumbs up.

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End of the roll

When was the last time you went roller skating? Or, maybe more to the point, when will be the next time?

Possibly never. Roller rinks were a popular teen hangout decades ago, but one by one they closed. The last of them in our area, Brownsdale’s Rohler Rink, burned to the ground a little over a week ago.

“Think of all the people who met there and got married there over the years,” said Brian Gerhart, who lives nearby. “It’s a sad day for Brownsdale.”

It’s a sad day for southeastern Minnesota, too. Thumbs down.

Saturday Night’s alright

One of the surprise success stories of the summer involves the Asian-themed Night Markets outside Mayo Civic Center.

The first one, on July 17, packed the plaza along the south side of the convention center. The next one, on Aug. 21, was another success. Your chance to see the last one is coming up Saturday. It runs from 5 to 9 p.m.

Food, live music and unique clothing, art and crafts are on the bill again. Thumbs up to organizers for bringing something different and exciting to Rochester’s summer calendar.