Entitlements are earned, but handouts are another matter

There are many things right — and wrong — with America. When so in debt from unbridled spending that we cannot easily and properly fund the military (defense, family living standards, wounded-death benefits, etc.), Social Security and Medicare, we have a problem.

These are traditional entitlements, defined as "based on established rights or legislation" that recipients have contributed to in some way.

In recent decades, new programs get have been created as entitlements, rather than be dubbed as the handouts they usually are. Taxes grab our income for these handouts, reducing what we have available to consider for charity. Voluntary giving provides positives such as seeing impact when locally dispensed — and pulling your support when dissatisfied.

Ever try not paying your taxes to express displeasure with the government's way of spending your money?

Handout-style "entitlements" now go to those uninvested. Even companies offering pensions require vesting before extracting. Where is the bootstrap pride of generations past?


The 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination is upon us. VISTA — aka Volunteers in Service to America — was his idea. Is JFK's legacy lost? It's definitely being held ransom.

Without drastic changes, his famous challenge will be rewritten as, "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you!"

Pam Miller


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