Even experienced motorcyclists can benefit from training

I agree with letter writer Dale Broadhead who, in the Aug. 13 P-B, stated we have too many laws.

However, he did not address the problem suggested in your editorial. All motorcyclists would benefit from some form of skills training.

Trainings is a part of the mission of the Motorcycles Riders Foundation, of which Mr. Broadhead is a member. The MSF website shows statistics from their state of Idaho that 73-75 percent of fatalities are associated with rider error. Only 17 percent of crashes were associated with a car violating a rider's right-of-way.

The P-B editorial did not mention that there is an experienced rider class taught in Minnesota. It is a five-hour class (for $25) that is recommended for riders with at least 1 year and 1,000 miles of experience. The class is held on a parking lot course and teaches skills such as counter steering.

I took this class 10 years ago with 45-plus years and more than 100,000 miles of experience.


The MSF website also shows statistics that 72 percent of crashes were on cruisers or touring bikes, 68 percent of the riders were older than 40, and 43 percent were due to riders running off the road in a corner.

Maybe I'm not the only old guy on a big bike who needed a lesson in getting around a corner.

Al Grossbach


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