Every life has value, regardless of wealth or abilities

In a May 19 Post-Bulletin article, the name and cause of death of the young man whose body was found under a bridge near a bike path in northwest Rochester was released.  My sympathy to his friends and family. Sometimes we are reminded, through death, of the value of a person's life.

All human life is equally significant. With the birth of each child, a unique individual is born. Reproduction resulting in uniqueness seems illogical, yet what an incredible creation human life is.

The young man who died was the equal of any, his life every bit as important. Our self-worth must not ride on success, or on health, or physical looks or talent.

There is much that makes us different — we have to hang our hat on what makes us the same. We are members of this great human race. We are not man-made; rather, we are as much a part of nature as the trees and the wind.

All human life has value, and we are needed because we are here — if not always to help others, then to be helped.


The significance of a person's life does not change through time or circumstance. Significance is a gift with an external source. We all need a parachute. I am concerned that our culture tends to reward people more for success, rather than preparing them for adversity.

Bill Scott 


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