Faceoff's NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

The NFL loves Randy Moss again, and so do Vikings fans. I know so, because at the Metrodome Sunday, there were far more Randy Moss jerseys than any other being worn by fans. I think Brad Childress even had a Moss jersey on under his shirt. We at Faceoff still love Moss, too, and we love what he did Sunday against the New York Jets. That’s still not enough for his new team, the New England Patriots, to top the first Faceoff NFL Power Rankings of the season. The explanation is simple: Until the defending Super Bowl champs lose, they’re No. 1.

But, in the words of a great orator, we still think the Patriots will reach the … "Super Bowl, Homeboy."

(P.S., Phersy didn’t know I was doing these rankings this week, so if you agree with them, you can heap praise on me. If you don’t agree, then these rankings come from fellow P-B scribe Guy N. Limbeck. We’ll blame it on him because he won’t see this; he doesn’t know how to use the Internet.)

1. INDIANAPOLIS — Having Bob Sanders on the field is the difference between the Colts’ defense looking like the ’98 Vikings or the ’07 Vikings.

2. NEW ENGLAND — I can’t say a bad word about the Patriots; coach Belichick might be video taping me.


3. SAN DIEGO — L.T. had just a few more rushing yards than the original L.T. (Lawrence Taylor), yet the Chargers won by two scores.

4. DALLAS — T.O. looks happy (for now); Tony Romo played … pardon the interruption, Romo just threw another TD pass.

5. CHICAGO — The Bears defense held L.T. to 25 yards on 17 carries. Even with their offense such as it is, the Bears are still a top team in a mediocre NFC.

6. CINCINNATI — Chad Johnson’s TD celebration? Still in preseason form. Johnson’s game? In postseason form.

7. PITTSBURGH — Lots of Steelers and Vikings fans happy to see head coach Mike Tomlin get his first regular season victory. Next week, Steelers look to get Tomlin his first regular season victory against an NFL team.

8. BALTIMORE — The Ravens deserved to at worst go to overtime at Cincy. Todd Heap got hosed on a bad call.

9. SEATTLE — We’ll have a better idea of where the Seahawks truly rank in a few weeks after they play a stretch against Cincinnati, at San Francisco and at Pittsburgh. But, hey, they have Charlie Frye!

10. CAROLINA — QB Jake Delhomme outplayed the Rams’ Marc Bulger, and Carolina’s defense held down Steven Jackson. The Panthers’ next five games are very winnable.


11. DENVER — The Broncos outgained Buffalo 470-184, yet had to win on a minor-miracle of a field goal by Jason Elam as time expired. Plenty to be happy about, plenty to be concerned with.

12. NEW ORLEANS — The Saints didn’t score an offensive TD for the first time under head coach Sean Payton. Drew Brees and Co. get healthy this week at Tampa Bay.

13. SAN FRANCISCO — QB Alex Smith looked like Joe Mon … OK, we really won’t go there. But Smith did look good engineering that game-winning drive, albeit against the Cardinals.

14. PHILADELPHIA — If I were the Eagles’ punt returners who bobbled those kicks that led to a loss to Green Bay, I’d change my name and uniform number before stepping onto the home field in front of tens of thousands of PO’d Eagles fans.

15. TENNESSEE — Chris Brown? One-hundred seventy-five yards? I thought he was a rapper.

16. JACKSONVILLE — Jack Del Rio better figure out a way to fix the Jags’ running game. Does he really want the offensive pressure to fall on David Garrard?

17. ST. LOUIS — The Rams and Steven Jackson struggled against the Panthers last season, too. If the same thing happens this week at home agains the 49ers, then fantasy football geeks have a real problem on their hands.

18. GREEN BAY — The Packers go to New York this week to face the Giants. Michael Strahan returned just in time to allow Brett Favre to lay down for him.


19. WASHINGTON — The Redskins are 1-0, and Clinton Portis has finally stopped defending Michael Vick. At least in public. For now.

20. NEW YORK JETS — Kellen Clemens might be the best thing to happen to this team this season.

21. HOUSTON — Yeah, right, the Falcons don’t miss Matt Schaub.

22. BUFFALO — Should have beat the Broncos; played with emotion after loss of tight end Kevin Everett to a severe neck injury.

23. MINNESOTA — One game does not a career make, but it looks like the Purple has found a much-needed star.

24. DETROIT — If the Lions keep winning, they’ll take themselves out of the running for next year’s top rookie wide receiver.

25. NEW YORK GIANTS — No Eli Manning? The Giants fate for the next month or so now rests on the large shoulders of the Hefty Lefty, 285-pound QB Jared Lorenzen.

26. ARIZONA — Ken Whisenhunt’s debut as head coach didn’t do much to make us think this star-laden offense is going to put up big numbers again this season.

27. MIAMI — How long before the ‘Fins wish they had drafted Brady Quinn?

28. TAMPA BAY — Hey, Jeff Garcia, you’re not in Philly anymore.

29. OAKLAND — Another poor set of fans clamoring for Daunte Culpepper. Raider Nation, be careful what you ask for. Oh, that's right, it can't get any worse.

30. KANSAS CITY — Apparently the Chiefs are carrying over the "Hard Knocks" theme from training camp to the regular season.

31. ATLANTA — Joey Harrington + Metrodome = Vikings 24, Falcons 3. Joey held the ball so long that even Kenechi Udeze got to him.

32. CLEVELAND — Brady Quinn, you ready to start?

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