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Columnist Jennifer Koski gets more feedback than most of us, especially when she writes as movingly as she did Wednesday. Here are notes from three readers:

I have been reading your articles more right along (especially since you said you were OK with trains :) )  Your Sept. 6 article struck a chord with me.  I well remember the days we sent each of our four children off to their first day of school.  It was a lonely and empty (and in a way, sad) feeling.  It made the time past with our children seem like a blur.  My wife and I reminded each other alot in the last years that "we raised them to leave." Well, maybe I reminded her of that most of the time.  Now 3 are married, we have 4 grandchildren (#5 on the way) and the most difficult yet was 2 weeks ago when we delivered our 4th and last to college.  Get ready, that day is MUCH worse than sending them off to kindergarten!  Besides my wife, my kids are my best friends and we did so many things together.  So now this empty nest thing is really difficult, more than I ever thought.  Lots of tears and lumps in the throat but looking back, what a blessing it has all been!

My advice?  Let the leash go as much as you can as they grow and mature but remember they are yours, not the schools.  The school dosen't own them nor do I think they want to.  Remain involved in their lives, pay attention to everything anyone is trying to teach them, ask their teachers questions, give input alot, make sure they know you care and are involved, and love the dickens out of them.  Your children (and their teachers) will be glad you did!

Gerry Bermel, Eyota



Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the great weekly articles in the Post-Bulletin.

I have always been very impressed with individuals like yourself who are not afraid to publicly
voice their concerns, and or, position on any given subject. Yes, it is a great way to engage
individuals into discussion, especially when you hit someone's "hot button".

It seems like the world we live in still has problems on dealing with change. The silent majority
continue to sit in the back ground, and do not care to get involved with the vocal minority.

I keep hoping that more individuals will get involved when issues arise that concern them. They
need to step up to the plate, and do something about it. Coffee shop talk just does not cut it.
I truly believe that most individuals keep quite for fear of retaliation.

Oh well, at any rate, please don't change your approach -- continue to tell like it is!  Well you
will not always make everyone happy, I for one totally respect it.

Thanks Again!




I always read your column with anticipation, as I always find something to identify with.

Well, today you hit it too close to home, so I felt I needed to share my little story with you...for some reason...

My children go to a fantastic day care center. I have never once felt anything but glad that we found the place. My daughter was born two weeks before I gave my master's presentation. She helped me through that last year of graduate school somehow. I was commuting for my seventh and final year at the U of M and she was with me every step of the way.

So I have never doubted that I would work-I have wanted to be an architect since I was 12. ANYWAY, when it came time to find a daycare it was actually my husband who had the final say, touring several in town. I was fortunate to be able to bring both her and my second child to work with me until they were each 6 months old. And by that was time. She needed to move around and have fun and see other babies instead of just the floor next to me. And so it has gone...she started in the infant room, making friends that would accompany her to the toddler room, and on to "transition". But this week she moved to the preschool room...the first day, she didn't want to leave her other friends and they had a few minutes of dischord. But this morning-she ditched me. Right there in the entryway, "mommy, they're eating breakfast in preschool. i have to go." and she did. I had to chase her down for a hug!

I did not cry the first day she started...but, there was a tear.

Thanks for understanding...thanks for your stories.


Nicole Pierson

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