Finally, it's here ... and, calling all JM and Mayo hockey fans

Posted by: Feldman

As I write this, we're about 15 hours away from pucks hitting the ice for the first boys hockey practices of the season. Is there a better time of year than this? (OK, I'll ask that same question at section and state tourney time, but, seriously, how nice is it to have high school hockey back?!)

A couple of things today, as we all celebrate the first day of boys hockey:

1. The annual question: How long can I stay away from practices (I try to give coaches a couple of days with their teams before I go watch and talk and watch and talk, but ... I can't keep myself away. We'll see how long I can make this week. Or today.)

And, 2. I need help from all JM and Mayo boys hockey fans, or any hockey fan in Rochester who might have followed the JM/Mayo rivalry. I've spent a good amount of time this summer and fall at the Public Library, sifting through old Post-Bulletin copies on microfilm. I've researched every game ever played between the Rockets and the Spartans — all the way back to the start of the rivalry in the mid-60s.


I'm going to run stories about the rivalry in the Sports section on Dec. 9 (maybe Dec. 8; I'll let you know as the time draws near), the day before JM and Mayo meet for the first time this season. Also, on the blog, I'm going to recap every game ever played between the teams, maybe a paragraph or two about each meeting. I'll post a certain number of write-ups each day for 10 or 12 days leading up to the Dec. 10 game at Graham Arena.

I'm going to start making phone calls to players and coaches who have been a part of the rivalry over the years and I need some suggestions. Who should I talk to? I know which players and coaches have been a big part of the series, but are their players out there who have great stories? Is there a JM alum who dislikes Mayo to this day? Is there a former Spartan who still loves more than anything to see Mayo beat JM?

After digging back through the history of this rivalry, I swear I could write a book about it. One thing that is clear to me: No player is bigger than the rivalry, but the rivalry is all about the players and their stories.

I've dug up a bunch of cool info and stats on the series, which I'll post or print when the Dec. 10 game is upon us. You might be surprised at how close the all-time series is, or the total number of goals that each team has scored in the series, how many times they've met in the playoffs, and how many times they've tied. You might even be surprised at how many times they've met.

Anyhow, if you have any ideas of who I should talk to, or if you have any favorite memories of a Mayo/JM game, please let me know. You can post them here, or e-mail me at

Thanks! Now, can we get through these first two weeks of practice quickly so we can get to some games?!

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