Founders may have practiced a faith, but not in politics

So, again.

In response to Tommy G. Thorson's  letter on March 21:

Do not be misled into believing that Thomas Jefferson was not a founding father. A simple Google search proves otherwise. Although he didn’t sign the Constitution, he was the principal author for the Declaration of Independence — another qualifier for being considered a "founding father."

Also, while your quotations were beautiful, they didn’t tackle the controversy of the separation of church and state. These words are the personal beliefs of our founding fathers — not their political stances.

Thus, my point still stands. We have a separation between the religion in this country and our laws that must be upheld in order to foster freedom.


We are not all Christian, so please leave your religion out of our legal system. I don’t want your cross to dirty my science, my birth control, or my gay marriage.

We’re lucky enough to live in a place where we aren’t persecuted for what we believe, and we aren’t forced to adhere to a government religion. So don’t try to encourage oppression by forcing your personal beliefs down our throats through our laws. I don’t want to believe your faith just as much as you don’t want to trust in mine.

So, again, please separate your church from my state.

Danielle Augustson


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