From a one-percenter: Don't waste my money

This week Caesar came for me, demanding my tax obligation. As a one-percenter, my burden was substantial, but I'm not whining. I love my country and understand it needs money to fulfill its obligations. So the check is in the mail.

Thirty-five years ago, I was broke, having just graduated from Boston University with a master's degree in broadcast journalism. I was lucky enough to get hired as a reporter in Scranton, Pa., at $150 a week. One problem: I couldn't pay my rent on that. So I picked up another $80 a month by writing dopey gag lines for "Uncle Ted's Ghoul School," a Saturday night monster fright fest. Stuff like, "Listen, Drac, here's what's at stake."

Over the years, I worked hard, took chances, moved all over the country, and finally attained affluence. Along the way, I always felt I was paying my fair share to the government. I still do, and I'm getting a bit teed off by President Obama implying I am not. Hey, Mr. President, the massive debt is partly your fault. I have nothing do to with it. This is not a give-and-take situation. I've taken nothing from the government.

The problem for Mr. Obama and the big spending liberal movement in America is accountability. The outgoing doctor in charge of Medicare, Donald Berwick, told the media that about 30 percent of all payments are wasteful; the health care money is either stolen or used for unnecessary treatments. In New York state, Medicaid investigators are fed up with the "pay and chase" philosophy sanctioned by the pinheads in Albany. Pay the dubious claims, chase the perps later if enough proof is developed that they are cheating.

President Obama is big on using "income inequality" as a campaign slogan. And there is that in America. Folks without a good education or a technical micro-skill are not likely to earn good money. Unions are on the decline, and the public sector is collapsing economically. No longer can the taxpayers afford lavish pensions and overtime payments. The working class is getting hammered all over the place.


So the Democratic Party wants more of my take home pay diverted to them so they can give it to those not earning very much. But the Obama administration, like others before it, refuses to watch how the money is dispatched. Therefore, billions of dollars are abused every year. Medicare waste alone costs the country $168 billion per annum.

There comes a time when the truth must be told. The federal government is not built to run massive entitlement programs or health care or even the post office, which is now going bankrupt. Washington simply cannot administrate to 300 million people, no matter how much money pours in there.

I work hard and want to pay my fair share. But I don't want my hard earned dollars wasted by lazy, incompetent politicians pandering for votes. Call me crazy.

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