Furst Draft: Odds and ends on Miracle Mile project

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market grocery
Javon Bea's proposed $25 million-plus Miracle Mile retail and apartment project includes a Fresh Thyme Farmers Market grocery.

Here are some loose ends regarding the Miracle Mile matter this week, to clean off my desk:

Council Member Michael Wojcik won't confirm or deny that he has personally contacted the Fresh Thyme Farmers Market home office regarding the Miracle Mile project.

In developer Javon Bea's email exchange with Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association President Jesse Welsh, Bea accuses her of meddling by calling Fresh Thyme for information; Welsh says she merely sent an email through the Fresh Thyme website's email form.

I asked Wojcik today whether he's contacted Fresh Thyme and he replied by email, "No comment, other than to say I always do my homework."

I double-checked whether he was declining to confirm or deny and he replied, "I am going to not discuss that until I have a chance ask the neighborhood / city staff / development team questions in the public hearing."


Maybe it's neither here nor there -- anyone can contact Fresh Thyme for information. But since it's come up and Bea has said he regards it as meddling, it's interesting that Wojcik won't confirm or deny.

Though Bea may not have attended the regular council meeting Monday, as we reported, I'm told he was at least in the building before it began, talking with council members Randy Staver and Mark Bilderback.

This may have been when Bea informed them he was asking for the vote to be put off until next month -- after the election.

Today's PB scoop about the National Association of Realtors contributions to the Staver and Hoss campaigns is related to issues such as the Miracle Mile dustup.

This goes without saying, but there are a lot of business leaders, especially in the real estate and development world, who are deeply concerned about the Staver-Allen and Wojcik-Hoss races. I hear from them frequently. The outside contributions from the Realtors political action purse is a reflection of this.

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