George Washington prayed here

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Here's more feedback regarding President Washington and his religious habits:

Further on George Washington and God -- I lived in Philadelphia for 27
years, right in the old colonial city. Our first president had church
pews (actually church boxes) reserved at two churches, Christ Church near
Arch Street and St. Peter on Pine Street (where my daughter was
christened). These two churches are only about a mile apart.

A Philadelphia historian explained to me that the president spread his
church attendance around, and any church that enjoyed his visit would
keep space reserved for him and claim him as a member. To this day, the
president's church box at each Philadelphia church is marked with a small plaque.

What a quaint notion, that the nation's president keeps his religious convictions mostly to himself, makes himself available to various religious organizations but is beholden to none, and doesn't impose explcitly religious goals on government.

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