GOP bluster on Libya is very revealing

Nothing lays bare the Republicans’ unprincipled attempt to kill President Obama’s chances for re-election more than their carping about Libya.

At the outset of the 2011 civil war, Republicans criticized Obama for engaging the U.S with our allies to prevent Muammar Kaddafi from brutally suppressing the Libyan uprising. The U.S., the GOP seemed to believe, should act alone, decisively, with bravado — not cooperate with Europe or consult with the Arab League.

The defeat of Kaddafi, Reagan’s "mad dog of the Middle East," elicited only statements of grudging approval from teeth-grinding Republicans.

The same style of peevish, adolescent petulance broke through following the killing of Chris Stevens, American ambassador to Libya, and three other U.S. citizens this September. Whether the attack was a spontaneous response to an anti-Islamic film or planned by al Qaida took on crucial significance for Republicans such as Peter King, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Where were these guardians of truth during our disingenuous war on Iraq and the thousands of deaths it exacted? Did they notice that not one American life was lost in the months-long Libyan uprising?


It is encouraging that most Americans appear to prefer the calm, collaborative approach to foreign policy of President Obama to the brainless blustering of his far-right critics.

Norman Senjem


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