Great musicians, lousy venue

What a fantastic performance the Rochester Symphony Orchestra gave on Feb. 20.

What a superb director!

Jere Lantz is a leader in every sense of the word. His unusual renditions, as well as the most demanding but satisfying selection of music, allow the musicians to do their best work. Rarely do we hear a piece when most of the sections in the symphony were featured within the same selection. This was only confirmed by the standing ovation at the end of the concert.

But what a puny concert hall!

We are embarrassed that Rochester can't provide an appropriate concert hall. We need an acoustically correct concert hall. Why can't we have one building where we could proudly present our talented musicians?


It is disgraceful that this city of 100,000 can't provide a better quality concert hall. Most cities build the halls, then seek the musicians to perform there. We develop quality musicians with no suitable place to put them. A large portion of the audience can't see the percussion and the brass sections. They play from the wings because there is not enough room on the stage.

Where are our city, community leaders and legislators? Isn't music an important part of life? Even our youth do not have a place where they can perform. Music is an important part of our culture, and our city budget should reflect this.

Barb Henoch and

Margaret Sloan


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