Gun control will only penalize law-abiding citizens

I refuse to call it gun control because guns cannot be controlled. They can only be taken away from honest people who have a constitutional right to have them. Every illegal gun will still be out there, and that's why we need our guns.

There is a way to show how ridiculous the phrase "gun control" really is. If our elected politicians are determined to pass laws limiting our rights to protect ourselves, they should be willing to give up their "armed security." It would be most appropriate for the president and governor to lead the way. If they are not willing to do that, there is your proof that they don't really believe the laws they are trying to pass will make anyone safer.

Instead, gun control is a foot in the door to complete confiscation, and every thinking person knows the truth.

You and I can't afford armed security, but we are paying for the president's and the governor's. So leave our ability to protect ourselves alone.

Confidence in background checks? Think how many people in this country have no traceable background. Background checks costing millions of our dollars will be wasted on people like you and me, born and raised in the United States, with "records" that include no more than an occasional parking ticket.


Don't just sit there. Speak up!

Grace Patterson


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