Health food store like La Crosse’s would be a plus

I have been a Good Food Store customer since we moved to Rochester. I have enjoyed its growth and watched it improve since it was on 11th Avenue N.E.

I am a La Crosse (Wis.) native and have watched the evolution of that coop. Every time we are in La Crosse, we visit the food coop there and wonder why a more highly populated area like Rochester doesn't have a comparable food coop. It's a fantastic store that is always full of people. It is not a super market, nor is it the size of a super market.

I don't understand why any person would object to a store comparable to the one in La Crosse. If you haven't visited the La Crosse food co-op, you owe it to yourself to do so. A store modeled after the one in La Crosse would be a boon for Rochester. I definitely think the merger would be a great one for the Good Food Store and for the people of Rochester and the surrounding area.

Fran Reisner


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