Hungry for new names, menus? It sounds like it

Hungry for new names, menus? It sounds like it

Folks in Med City-Land area love to eat out.

That's what I'm guessing after Monday's column about what restaurant chains people would like to see in Rochester opened the flood gates for a deluge of e-mails that started minutes after people opened their newspapers.

I think only misspelling IBM or mixing up Rochester City Council members Denny Hanson with Michael Wojcik might have generated any bigger reaction.

Here's a sampling:

• "Just read your piece in the paper… I like the ones you are looking into. Since you asked, I have two more for you, if you would please. Fuddruckersand Joe's Crab Shack." — Peggy.


 • "Another restaurant that is badly needed in Rochester is Joe's Crab Shack!  There is one in West Des Moines, Iowa and then one in Roseville, MN.  Why can't they just put one here also then? … Why won't they come here?  Thanks again." — Terri.

• "While I realize we just don't have the population to support a PF Changs, or a Cheesecake Factory, it seems like Ruby Tuesday would be a good fit here" — Mark.

Looks like I'm going to be calling a lot of corporate offices in the near future.

One chain I have recently chatted with is the homespun Cracker Barre l .

"It is really heart-warming to be wanted. We do not take that for granted in any way," said Julie Davisof Cracker Barrel."With all of that said, I do not know of any plans for that area at this time."

The restaurant chain known for its porches with rocking chairs and big fireplaces slowed openings in the last few years, though they're back on the increase for 2011.

However, none of the 11 slated to open this year will be near us.

Cracker Barrel usually targets spots along a busy interstate.


However, it will deviate from that when a city is "…A destination location like Branson, Mo.," she says. "We're looking for growth. We're looking for vitality."

Hhhm...destination location? Wonder if a medical destination would count?

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