Ice Hawks: The mess in Hudson

PHERSY:Whoa, what a disaster last night in Hudson.

I rode the bus with the team last night, hoping to write a story about coach Nick Fatis picking up the 400th win of his 10-year career. Instead, I ended up covering one of the program's most disappointing losses, at it suffered its first ever setback against the Hudson Crusaders.

The 7-4 loss might not have been so disappointing if all the Hawks fans didn't know what this team is capable of accomplishing. We all witnessed it early in the season. This team is capable of greatness ... they CAN win a national title. As it is, I'm not sure there's a team in the league (even the Wildcats) they can beat regularly if they want to play like this.

Now, a lot of things were said in the locker room and on the bus. But here's my take: Every member of this team needs to stop looking around. Stop trying to find a teammate who's not going hard enough. There's only one place you should be looking right now, and that's in the mirror. And I'm talking about everyone! That's a huge part of the problem ... this team's leaders, instead of looking in the mirror, are too often trying to figure out which teammate isn't skating hard. Start looking in the mirror. Correct yourself. Fix your mistakes, and the others will fall in line. Until this happens from the top guys, the guys who are leaders, the Ice Hawks will continue to play with a lack of spirit and continue to make the silly mistakes that cost them goals. You can't be calling guys out when you're a big part of the problem!!!

Now, that's all a little harsh. But I wouldn't write a word of it if I didn't see the talent. I mean right now this team is a complete mess in their own end. The blue line has been terrible. The forwards aren't making it any better. And yet, I really believe this is the most talent the Ice Hawks have had on defense in the five years I've been covering the team. That's saying a lot ... but it also makes it even more disappointing.


It's a mess. But it''s a mess that can be cleaned up quickly by everyone looking in the mirror instead of trying to find out which teammate is messing up.

OK, I have that out of my system!

I'm hoping to catch up with coach Fatis at some point today for an audio interview. I'm guessing he's calmed down a bit (OK, hoping) since last night, so we'll see what he has to say today after some reflection.

Also, watch for a new Phersy and Feldy Show coming later tonight.

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