It's all hyperbole until tax code changes

Our good Gov. Dayton (who once gave himself an "F" for his performance in the U.S. Senate) now seems to be playing partisan politics by insisting on alterations to legislation already passed by a body composed of a mix of both parties, who collectively should have a better feel of the electorates pulse than a wealthy dept. store scion might.

Furthermore, deciding who what and how to tax is not the responsibility of the governor. While Daytons’ notion of "socking it to the rich" may well appeal to the masses, he ought to know better. (I’m quite sure his personal tax adviser knows better).

The truly wealthy can, and do, avoid taxation through a plethora of loopholes, tax shelters and various other maneuvers unavailable to the average person. All of which, by the way, they purchased from pliant politicians of both parties.

Until our present tax code gets changed, (har, har, de har-har!) blathering on about raising taxes on the wealthy is just a bunch of hyperbole.

Ted Tendick



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