It's important to vote on Tuesday

Voters should mark Tuesday, Aug. 14 on their calendars so they do not miss the primary election!  Republicans, Democrats and the Independence Party are all narrowing the field for the final ballot in November. 

There are also many local races in which people run without party designations, which have more than two candidates. You can view candidate debates of the local races by clicking on a link on the Rochester Public Library main page or checking the DVDs out of the library. 

These debates were sponsored by the League of Women Voters and their partners the Rochester Post-Bulletin, the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce and Rochester Community and Technical College. 

Voters should be sure to double-check where their polling places are. After each census, there are some changes in precinct and district boundary lines. These changes can be found on the website of the Secretary of State or the League of Women Voters website. 

Tuesday's primary is an important election. Let’s all participate! 


Jane Anderson Callahan

President, League of Women Voters


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