It's time to stop polluting our environment and our bodies

It's time for real people to demonstrate tough love, for each individual to take responsibility for his or her body and mind, to choose wisely which foods, liquids, air and ideas they take in. Awareness is the gatekeeper.

But the have-nots often don't have much choice about what they ingest. They eat donated food, crowd into makeshift shelters, drink polluted water and breathe toxic air. They are told what to believe.

Rochester, are you real enough to be aware of the money-hogs who are destroying the real, the true and the beautiful here in southeastern Minnesota? Only you, together with others of like mind, can stop the artificial, the false and the ugly that is being visited upon this very special area of our planet.

Protect the Decorah Edge, and thus protect the water we all must drink. Protect our air from toxic pollutants and airborne diseases. Protect our local governments from corporate-think. Protect our children from bio-accumulative chemicals.

It is estimated that in 2013 there will be 28,410 new cancer cases in Minnesota, and more than 1.6 million in the United States. T. Colin Campbell, in "The China Study," researched nutrition and its influence on both preventing and reversing cancer. Become aware of it and other research.


It's on our watch. And it's long past time to act.

Barbara Upton


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