King memorial a beautiful tribute

I would like to have been at the dedication of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C. It was a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest human beings who has ever graced America.

He was my very special hero. Folks who came to the ceremony had to note the statue raised to honor him was not far from the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. I am 93 years old and came to Flint, Mich., from Minnesota at age 44 to become pastor of a large all-white congregation. In Flint, my life was changed forever. Like Saul in our Christian Bible blinded by the light from heaven telling him he was chief persecutor of the early church, and yet God wanted him as a leader of that church.

So I was completely oblivious to the persecution of blacks in America. As head of the Ministerial Association I was led to become active in the Civil Rights Movement. I was caught up in those famous and mighty words of King's "I Have a Dream."

A lot has happened since then, but the statue raised to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is there to remind us that a lot still remains to be done.

The Rev. Robert S. Nelson



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