'Learn how to write better (expletive) stories'

Voice mail from the Dodge Center woman whose car caught on fire in a Byron car wash Sunday:

"Hi, Jay. One of your reporters did a report on my car yesterday that started on fire at the Kwik Trip in Byron. I would like to report on how you could have made a better title for it. (Unclear what she says here...)jumping out of the (expletive) car, I fled. But I was not visible shaken, I was pissed and stressed out. So your news reporter needs to learn better...learn how to write better (expletive) stories. Bye."

As the story says, she declined an interview at the scene. Guess she just wanted to be heard after the fact...

Typically we'd identify the person involved in an incident of this kind, by the way. In this case, we didn't, nor did she identify herself in the voice mail.

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