Let's keep Good Food Store's high-energy karma

I am saddened that the Good Food Store board has decided to eliminate the coop and almost 40 years of hard work done by a close-knit community in Rochester. This merger is not without controversy, and the Post-Bulletin has chosen to ignore what matters to the community by not telling both sides of the story.

Bigger is not always better. If I want to hunt and peck through a store to find the 20 percent of organic products and produce sold there, I will just go to Cub or Hy-Vee. Walking through the GFS is a dose of high-energy karma for me, and I highly doubt I will have that spiritual feel in a store that sells Coke and Pepsi products.

I will vote NO. I am sending PRO Good Food Store energy vibrations out to the rest of the membership to manifest the continuation of the Good Food Store Coop.

Michelle Anderson


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