Letter: Action needed to fight effort to control guns through Social Security

In January 2016, President Obama announced more gun control measures were needed in order to curb gun violence, he instructed the Social Security Administration to begin the rule-making process.

On May 5, the Social Security Administration proposed implementation of the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007, known as SSA 2016-0011 on The proposal would:

• Put four types of people into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System as "a prohibited person": Those receiving benefits under Title II of The Social Security Act, those benefiting under Title XVI of the same act, those meeting requirements of Section 12.00 of the Listing of Impairments and those using a representative payee.

• Send all "relevent information" into the NICS when a prohibited person is identified, meaning no privacy.

• Use the Social Security Administration's own system to identify prohibited persons without due process.


• Give federal, state and local law enforcement agencies the power to bring people into compliance regarding firearms as a prohibited person.

If you disagree with this proposal, please go to, type in SSA 2016-0011 and exercise your right to petition the governement for grievances. You have until July 5 to comment on the latest gun control front: Social Security.

More than 65,000,000 people receive benefits. Are you one of them?

Nick Keuten


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