Letter: Action needed to fund projects that meet the needs of state residents

Southeast Minnesota has given up a lot in the way of budget compromises. It's time to invest in our future.

The Minnesota Legislature's regular session ends May 23. Senate Republicans failed to pass a bonding bill by one vote. Our own senator, Jeremy Miller, voted no. This bonding bill included a provision for $3.6 million to fund necessary safety improvements for the Lanesboro Dam.

Only one republican, Carla Nelson, of Rochester, voted yes. She told the Post-Bulletin she voted yes to support her constituents and advocate for area projects the bill would have funded. She gets it!

Rep. Greg Davids has told us we need to re-elect him because he has the power to fund our much-needed infrastructure projects. Yet, he fails to follow through on his promises. Can he explain why the House has still failed to produce its own detailed plan? How can Davids assure us that the Republicans' reduced budget is going to best serve our communities?

We've already lived with cuts to local government aid, education and infrastructure and transportation projects. Reduced budgets do not reduce needs. With a strong economy in Minnesota and a surplus; it's time to investment in Minnesota communities.


It's time for Greg Davids to produce on the promises he makes every election cycle. In the words of a friend, "Greg Davids: all hat, no cattle."

Erika Haugerud


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