Letter: Actions and statements seem to conflict with recent international actions

Islamic extremists have cut off heads and burned alive a Jordanian aviator, but the U.S. can't water board the terrorists at Club Gitmo before they are released to fight again.

President Barack Obama is correct to kill terrorists with drones and bombs to spare U.S. military personnel, but this kills civilians, stimulates terrorist recruitment and prevents interrogation.

At the recent National Prayer Breakfast, Obama suggested a moral equivalence between the Christian religion (with the Crusades and Inquisition) and the atrocities of the radical Islamic religionists he will not name. And he related American slavery and segregation to ISIS and Taliban actions.

The Crusades were a war against militant Islamic expansion into the Holy Land and Eastern Europe. Spain expelled the Muslim Moors. Members of Obama's own political party perpetuated slavery and segregation.

Obama negotiates with Iran, not Republicans. He allowed British Prime Minister Cameron to advise members of Congress to limit Iranian sanctions but opposes Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speaking to Congress about it. Obama spoke with Islamic Brotherhood members and criticized Egypt for purging them.


Obama doesn't want to close America's vulnerable border and seems unconcerned about the job losses, crime and health issues that come with illegal immigration.

Obama believes terrorists can be talked into liking us, but our allies and his political opponents should be demonized.

The world is upside down.

Tom Ostrom


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