Letter: Are you concerned about Rochester's future and DMC?

Are you sick of the tax-and-spend agenda of Destination Medical Center? I feel the DMC is voter fraud because the voters were not told what the 0.25 sales tax extension was going to be used for until after it was voted in. DMC then was formed after that and quickly moved forward after years of undercover meetings and signed confidentiality agreements with Mayo Clinic and the city leadership.

Do you want the city of Rochester to remain this size instead of grow three times the size? Do you feel crime in Rochester will increase with the increased size of the city due to DMC? Do you know that we will eventually have to pay even more taxes for more schools, fire, police, judicial systems and more because of DMC?

Our taxes and fees keep going up and our salaries are not going up. Are you sick of it? If you are please call me with your concerns and ideas of how to move forward on this issue. My phone number is in the Rochester phone book.

Diana Friemann


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