Letter: Awareness and empathy for the trans-height community is needed

It is about time for the vertically challenged to raise awareness about our plight. Just because our DNA dictates we are shorter than others doesn't mean we should accept it. We think we are tall, and, therefore, we are. We have three simple requests.

First, we ask that government IDs no longer display the height on them. The government should lead the way on curtailing the chance of height bias. Secondly, we call for all entities such as banks and convenience stores to remove the height charts from their doorways, as this is a daily slap in the face to our unfair predicament. Finally, we petition our elected officials to make sure that Obamacare covers in full the cost of spinal elongation, and, to be inclusive, spinal reduction treatments. These appeals will help to alleviate the hurt of everyone that is a victim of the tall-patriarchy.

We would like to thank the other transitive communities for blazing this trail of consciousness. Our own genes will no longer hold us prisoner, as well. If anyone has the temerity to mock our cause or claim that it is not real, they should be extremely cautious. You need only to study the exploits of Napoleon Bonaparte to understand the inner battle caused by being vertically incongruent.

Rick Dow


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