Letter: Big bucks equals continued progress to create Zip Rail in region

We are part of The Trust Project.

Seven years ago, many Goodhue County residents began spending the next five years opposing the construction of a large wind farm in their neighborhood. They hired a lawyer and presented many arguments to the state Public Utilities Commission concerning physical, mental and emotional health issues and the loss of property values.

These issues were gathered from similar high population centers with wind farms. Each time the Public Utilities Commission would dismiss all of the claims. The wealthy wind farm investors had the green light to proceed.

Then the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced that six active eagle nesting sites would be endangered by the wind farms. The story ended.

Now, our focus is on Zip Rail. Few, if any, residents in Goodhue County are in favor of the proposed Zip Rail. However, it seems wealthy investors will be allowed to build this rail, located 20 feet in the air through one of two locations in Goodhue County.

When they announce their route, hopefully, our DNR friends will find some endangered eagle nests in the area and stop the construction. After all, birds count more than people.


Don Buck


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