Letter: Bigger isn't always better

Rochester is becoming a city without a park -- buildings/landmarks are being razed and moved to create space for housing, skyscraper hotels, all in the name of progress. Will it ever end? Is nothing sacred?

No space to park becomes a problem for those that work "in town." So  get up an hour earlier so you can park and ride -- but don't complain because at least you have a job. Lucky for the workplace, we do come to work. Where would businesses be if we didn't?

And now the City Council gave themselves a huge raise. Social Security gave about 1.6 %. Guess we can't shop and spend so much.

And I wonder what the Doctors Mayo would say about the huge salaries now given to Mayo Clinic doctors. That wasn't their vision.

We've come a long way, baby. Bigger isn't always better.


Dottie Evjen,Rochester

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