Letter: Candidates need to commit to fact-based campaigns without disortion

I am committed to a fact-based, no distortion campaign for state representative in District 25B. I hope all candidates for the state Legislature and other elected offices adhere to these principles.

We can all directly control the literature we print and distribute, as well as all advertising content we produce. There should be no exception to the fact-based, no distortion commitment in any of our directly controlled campaign materials.

I have already sent word to likely independent expenditure groups that I want them to adhere to the same guidelines. Although candidates cannot have any knowledge or involvement in their messages, we can certainly let it be known far and wide that we disavow any blatantly distorted campaign materials. I ask all candidates to join me in spreading this important message.

Calling out opponents on factual differences on issue positions or in public records is fair game, but distorted pictures, half-truths and outright lies are strongly disliked by the public and have no place in our election process.

Again, I'm asking all candidates to join me in taking a strong, principled stand against distorted negative campaign tactics. We can make the 2016 campaign season one we can all be proud of.


We can win or lose based on our skills, experience and beliefs. Let's stick to those elements. Fact-based, no distortion.

Fran Bradley


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