Letter: Candidates should run with integrity, rather than attacking each other

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The 2016 election has probably been the most heated and vitriolic one we've experienced during our lifetimes. Whether the race at the top of the ticket or down-ballot races, such as mine, I believe we should expect our candidates to demonstrate integrity, run on their records or what they would do if elected, rather than attacking each other.

One of our most cherished freedoms is the right to stand for that which we believe and disagree with that we don't. Let us be honest and respectful when doing so.

As a Minnesota state senator representing Olmsted County, every day I am mindful that I serve the people of this district, whether they voted for me, or not. One of Abraham Lincoln's most important legacies was the closing of every letter he signed as president: "Your most obedient servant." Lincoln understood that in a constitutional republic, it was his duty to honor the public will of the voters who elected him to office.

I am grateful to have been repeatedly elected to the Minnesota State Senate, and every day I strive to live up to that example. I am not only accountable to the people of District 26 during one day every four years, but for every single day of that term. I humbly ask for another term to work for you and be accountable to you.

Sen. Carla Nelson



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