Letter: Clipping box tops for education can support our local students

I would like to thank all who are involved in the clipping of box tops and KT milk strips. Cutting off the box tops and turning them into to the school of your choice really makes a difference our students' education. Many churches gather hundreds of box tops and milk strips as collection outlets, too

I help Schaeffer Academy as a volunteer clipper, bagger and shipper. Last year, we sent in almost 11,000 box tops. The money from the Schaffer program is used for scholarships to help some parents with their children's tuition.

The box tops are valued at 10 cents per piece. KT milk strips are worth 5 cents per strip. When I was a kid growing up in Caledonia, I could buy 10 Topps baseball cards/gum or a bottle of Coke for 1 box top (a dime). Each box top is important, and they need to be sent in before they expire.

Roger A. Schutz


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