Letter: Comment about actress' size wasn't needed in reporting on theater upgrades

While reading Chris Miksanek's Sept. 24 report on the new panoramic movie system in a local theater, I was very disappointed to see the following comment: "Positives: Enough screen width to support a Kirstie Alley comeback." How sad that, in a day in which we have a strong female candidate for president, a man can still feel comfortable devaluing another talented woman for not being "thin enough."

I would almost say that it's childish, but I want to believe that modern parents are trying to raise the next generation to know that their worth is not defined by their appearance. While the comment was clearly intended to be funny, I feel that jokes like this perpetuate a sexist attitude that permits the bullying of women and girls. Surely we wouldn't want people cracking jokes about our daughters for not living up to the airbrushed and photoshopped beauty standards of today.

I'm certain that there are many actual "positives" that could have been listed in the description of the new movie system. I hope that, in the future, the writer will stick to providing useful information or else be more creative and evolved in his attempts at humor.

Katy Remmes


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