Letter: Direction of country rests with voters

My father often talked about the importance of a moral fabric in our country. Today’s environment has me wondering.

Mocking, labeling and name calling seems to be normal behavior. Respect for life seems to be only for the unborn and not each other. Humility seems stuck in a dense fog. The search for truth seems to get lost in political loyalties. A veterans’ service to his country is forgotten when he disagrees with his leader and speaks a truth under oath. Worse, a former POW and U.S. Senator is mocked for being captured because he disagreed with his leader. The value of our 401k seems more important than caring for our environment for future generations.

Spending billions to build walls seems more important than our compassion for our neighbors trying to escape extreme poverty and violence. Would we build walls around our churches to keep out "illegal aliens?" Our fears of someone being a terrorist take precedence over our desire to be welcoming. Did not a famous leader once say that the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself?

Leadership is a great responsibility, and choosing that leader should go beyond our pocketbook but towards a vision of where we want the moral fabric of our country to be now and into the future.

The direction of our country is ultimately determined by the people who elect our leaders. Do we have the courage to look beyond the surface in choosing our leaders?


Timothy Haskamp,Rochester

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