Letter: Don't forget Friedell Middle School

I was surprised to realize after reading the PB article on March 5 about possible changes to the RPS middle school boundaries that Friedell Middle School wasn’t included in the discussion at all.

Friedell is the only middle school in Rochester that is likely the appropriate size for positive student learning gains. Scientific research on school sizes is clear that big schools are bad for student learning, particularly low income students and students of color.

Friedell is currently a RPS middle school with more demand than spots available. Why, given it's appropriate size for student learning, central location and demand, is it not included in the school boundaries conversation? Is it because it’s a district-wide school and thus not subjected to the same boundary issues, or because RPS has no intention of keeping it as a middle school?

Please show your support for students and insist that RPS build, keep and maintain appropriately sized schools for student learning and overall well being for all.

Angela Gupta,Rochester

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