Letter: Father's name should not have been included in article about son's home invasion

I think too much emphasis was put on the fact that the victim of a July 22 home invasion and shooting was the son of a man retired from a life of public service. It was tacky on the part of the Post-Bulletin to put Joe Wieners' name in the July 24 article at the top of page B3.

Leave that man alone. He is a good man. He was a very fair judge of others, and he spent many, many years serving the public. Leave him alone so he can be there for his son.

Shame on all involved in publishing Wieners' name. Someday that could come back on you full circle, and it just may. Leave Joe Weiners' name off of his son's problems. It's so tasteless.

I can't believe the media rushed in to donkey punch Joe like that. I oppose that to the hilt.

I pray they let the kid slide on his alleged "grow operation" just out of spite.


You all could be in a similar situation some day.

Kurt Wayne Dunemann


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