Letter: Gonda Singers helped make best of health problems, clinic visits

Before I left home to go to the Mayo Clinic, I had counted on the music of Jane Belau and the Gonda Singers. I marked those days on the calendar and counted the days.

The music of this group has helped me get through so much, and there is more to come. I am feeling the loss. This music helped get me through days and nights of health problems, and it changed my outlook.

We have a daughter with cerebral palsy. She relates to this group, and they to her. This is her type of music. She claps her hands, keeps time and smiles, but she is restricted and cannot talk. People say how good the music is for her.

Tears are in her eyes now, when someone else is playing.

The people who have put a stop to the Gonda Singers do not know what they have done. These people are so insensitive, are unfair and are not thinking about patients.


The music comes from the heart as they provide it for the patients. We know that, and it hurts to see such a put down for this group that has done so much and cares.

People of all ages come and sing. People in wheelchairs, happy or in tears, are so thankful. Staff even says it's too bad they stopped them from playing.

Darlene Whitcomb


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