Letter: Gonda Singers provided benefits for many Mayo Clinic visitors

I'm a Gonda singer who drives 18 miles every Monday and Thursday to sing with Jane Belau. The music is for the people, some looking for hope or someone to notice them in this busy world. It's the little things that mean so much — a smile, a touch or a song.

People can request any song because Jane knows them all. She's a wizard, moving her fingers up and down the keyboard — a real genius.

While singing with Jane, I've seen a 15-month-old child attached to an IV crawl to the piano while laughing; a 5-year-old running down the marble steps and grabbing my leg; a 7-year-old with cancer in a wheelchair walk for the first time last year; a woman dancing in a wheelchair with her husband while we sang "I Could Have Danced All Night" and people clapped; and veterans crying when we sing their songs and thank them for their service.

When service and therapy dogs hear the music, they wag their tails, so we sing to them.

Where in the world can you go to the doctor and in the lobby have someone wave to you and sing your favorite song?


I'm a parent. What do you tell your child when they ask where the music is?

I tell them I miss seeing them, and I'm wishing upon a star.

Rosemary Elizabeth Scott


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