Letter: Gonda Singers should be allowed to provide regular performances

After months of tests then receiving a serious diagnosis, I took a Mayo Clinic elevator to the subway and found Jane Belau playing the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." How uplifting!

A well-known singer recently said, "Music can't heal disease, but it can heal the soul, and it can give people a sense of hope." Jane healed my soul that day at such a vulnerable time.

While visiting my brother and his wife in Arizona, I heard a story. Paul McCartney was playing the piano and singing at a desert location and someone commented, "I don't care for that music. It's so irritating."

Nobody can satisfy everyone. What would the world be like if we had silenced Paul McCartney's music just because a few people objected to it?

My hope is that Mayo Clinic will reconsider and allow Jane Belau and the Gonda Singers to play regularly in the place they have been playing, so the many people who not only enjoy their music but are nourished by it may continue to have their spirits healed and a sense of hope restored.


Joan Gartner


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