Letter: Here's what we will get under President Hillary Clinton

Obamacare is continuing until the insurance companies drop out and it becomes a single-payer system run by the U.S. government.

Unabated regulations by executive fiat until the government impacts most everything in our lives.

Raising taxes on the top 10 percent, which will sustain the slow growth and keep our GDP at or below 1 percent and incent more companies to move to Mexico and other countries.

The middle class will continue to vanish as more good-paying jobs diminish and people drop out of the workforce and go on government subsistence programs.

More racial and religious strife will divide our country.


Less patriotism and pride in being a citizen will be seen as we move to a global country and relinquish our leadership in the world to Russia, China and Iran.

Law and order will continue to be a challenge especially in our metropolitan areas and on our borders.

Our continued open borders will allow unfettered access to our country by illegal aliens, terrorists, drug lords and others.

The government will continue to fund abortions by Planned Parent and others as more late-term abortions occur.

If you want all of the above and the most corrupt person to ever run for president of our great country then vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Arlen Books


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